Thursday, December 06, 2007

Truth to Power

Going through old files I came across a letter I wrote to the ABCUSA General Secretary back on July 13, 2002 just after Roy had been installed. I thought I'd share with you the concluding paragraph. I wrote;
"I'm trying to speak truth to power. You're it, the power! You have the position, the moral influence, and theological persuasiveness to forestall the retreat from faith in God's Word that afflicts our denomination. I ask you to be a General Secretary who truly makes a difference for ABC by proclaiming God's disclosure of truth. I ask you to be a leader like the Judges of old who brought back God's people to Him when they strayed, a prophet to the denomination, not just a good administrator who lets entropy take its course."
I was convinced back in those days that Roy could reverse the direction of the denomination by being personally strong in his support of actual biblical authority based upon the truth that God really did inspire the Bible and Christian denominations are required to believe and teach its doctrine. I still think that there is a slim possibility that if he would become an outspoken evangelist for ABCUSA churches and organizations to yield themselves to the teaching of scriptures, come what may, the denomination could be returned to the biblical, or at least a more biblical path. I encourage him to try, though the trying will be a major effort, and would become the overwhelming focus of his ministry as General Secretary. But, I think that's what we need.


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